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Arival has created a revolutionary augmented reality fan engagement interface that delivers gamified player and team stats during live play. The Arival experience will become more immersive as player and ball tracking data, and wearable AR interfaces become more mainstream. Over the next couple of years, fans will come to expect this type of engaging experience, and, regard it as the new standard.

The way sports fans engage with the game is changing with the introduction of “the second screen” taking the fan’s eyeballs away from live events (attended and broadcast). Revenue for clubs and return on investment for sponsors is under pressure due to:
1. Millennials and Generation Xers consuming sports and entertainment through their mobile phones and handheld devices
2. This same group are far more inclined to make purchases (ie, tickets, merchandise, memorabilia) online, favoring convenience over authenticity
3. Attendance at live sporting events is declining year on year
These three factors have created a “Perfect Storm For Disruption” in this space.

Arival takes the threat of the second screen and turns it into a profit center. Simply by pointing their phone at the court or TV, live team and player stats are presented via an Augmented Reality interface. This can be during break-times and time outs or any stop in play. Key moments such as penalty shots are gamified by giving the user the ability to predict a “goal’ or a “miss”.
The experience can be monetized in many ways including sponsor branding and in-venue advertising.


Arival is currently the only platform for visualizing team and player data through augmented reality to create fan engagement. This unique approach delivers many key benefits including:

    • Teams and sporting associations can monetize their team and player data
    • Brands can engage with fans while enhancing their enjoyment of the game
    • The use of Arival through a mobile device enhances the game rather than distracting from it
    • Any sports or entertainment activity can be enhanced by Arival



    • Strong first mover advantage
    • Fast path to operating profit
    • Early Exit Opportunities
    • Major sporting data collection agency involved in prototyping
    • Significant early interest from multiple sporting codes and sponsors
    • Team consisting of global thought leaders and pioneers in the fields of Augmented Reality and Data Visualisation

To receive more information regarding this offer, please request an Information Memorandum from John Hagerty by emailing or phoning +61 418 290 702.

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