Over the years, Reuben Buchanan – Axstra Capital Managing Director – has released various editorial articles educating business owners on corporate strategies to fund business growth efficiently and effectively – namely, via private equity.

These editorial pieces touch on the topics of the pre-IPO investment, capital raisings for private firms, distinctions in investor status’, deal structuring and many more areas that are fundamental to successful capital raisings and strategic exits.

Tips for Raising Capital in any Market

Are you a Sophisticated or Wholesale Investor?

How to be Investor Ready: A Guide for Companies Seeking Capital

Exiting your business for the highest price!

Focus on the Big Picture

How do you ‘get going’ when you have a zero asset base?

Pre-IPO Investing: The Pros and Cons

How to Raise Capital in Australia

How to Successfully Invest into Private Companies

Getting the Right Business Mindset


About the Author

Managing Director of Axstra Capital Reuben Buchanan has a plethora of experience spanning the investment, stock market and financial media industries.

Reuben is the founder of MBE Education, thinkBIG, Wealth Creator magazine (founded in 2001) and co-founder of Wholesale Investor. He was also a corporate advisor with Integral Capital Group.

He has educated thousands of entrepreneurs on the topics of capital raising, exit strategies and strategic growth through the events arm of Wealth Creator and continues to speak at business events throughout Sydney.

Find out more about Reuben Buchanan here.

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