Axstra Capital Privacy Policy

Axstra Capital  Pty Ltd

ABN 86 146 869 427

AFSL 390786

Any information provided by Axstra Capital, whether via email, verbal or online, by the company itself or one if its related entities or representatives, is general advice only.

Axstra Capital will make every reasonable effort to ensure the information provided to its clients is correct, however we make no representation nor any warranty as to whether the information is accurate, complete or up to date. To the extent permitted by law, Axstra Capital accepts no responsibility for any errors or misstatements, negligent or otherwise. The information provided may be based on assumptions or market conditions and may change without notice.

Axstra Capital, its associates, related entities, officers or employees may also have interests in the opportunities referred to in our communications or on our website. They may buy or sell the financial products and as such may effect transactions which are not consistent with any recommendations. Axstra Capital or its associates may also receive fees or brokerage for acting in the above capacities.

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