DSYNC is a data integration platform that enables easy, fast, secure and affordable connectivity of data between websites, point of sale networks, inventory, ERP, CMS, loyalty, email and finance systems.

Every organisation has integration problems. Most companies are using a number of different systems for their day-to-day operations; the problem is that these systems often don’t, or can’t talk to each other.

IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is one of the fastest growing segment of software market according to Gartner Research – 40% CAGR.

DSYNC can bend, twist and transform data to meet customers’ requirements through its advanced data mapping engine, removing the tedious task of coding when connecting systems by providing a point and click dashboard for joining data.

Investment highlights:

  • Revenue positive – growing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of US$25k across 130 customers
  • Already a global business with majority of customers (57%) in the US.
  • Highly scalable through B2B reseller/whitelabel channel
  • Just signed LOI with NCR, the world’s largest Point of Sale (POS) company. NCR to roll DSYNC out to 15,000 of its merchants.
  • Recently selected by Xero as their integration platform of choice
  • Platform development is complete, proceeds of cap raise to be applied to accelerating global expansion
  • On track to breakeven Q4 2019.

To request a copy of the IM, contact daniel@axstra.com.au


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