FileInvite is a post revenue early stage B2B document collection platform with global traction. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and deploying cloud-based technology, FileInvite automates and streamlines the process of requesting and collecting documentation.

Anyone who collects multiple documents from clients or suppliers knows how difficult it is. Some documents arrive as email attachments, some as paper documents and some just never seem to arrive. Chasing documents is time-consuming and frustrating for everyone involved.

FileInvite solves this headache simply and securely! Professionals request documents using FileInvite, and the platform does all the work to chase, collect, process, and deliver the documents. With strong growth and customers across Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand, FileInvite has clear product market fit within the first target vertical of mortgage and lending.

This is an opportunity to invest post revenue after the early risks have been mitigated, yet at a price that enables significant valuation uplift potential.


Investment Highlights:

  • Six figure annual recurring revenue & 12% month on month revenue growth
  • Users and revenue have doubled within 6 months.
  • 55% of customers committed to yearly contracts
  • Award-winning founders with previous exits
  • Big brand customer base
  • Significant scope for continued global expansion

To request a copy of the IM, contact Axstra advisor Daniel Coombes at or 0414137212

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