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Genesis Co Pty Ltd - trading as “BioGenesis Australia” produces the highest quality, natural 100% Australian grown health products (Chlorella, Spirulina and Super Greens).

BioGenesis is the only Australian Chlorella and Spirulina producer with an “Australia Made Australian Grown” license (No. 9298), and a full food manufacturing licence and accredited facility.

BioGenesis is revenue positive and now selling its product range through online and retail channels, in Australia, the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Korea and Japan and has just signed an agreement to launch into China through a major international buying group across over 200 distribution points.

The BioGenesis algae production facility is located in Bowen, North Queensland where algae and natural grass products are grown for global health food markets. This region, with its pristine natural water sources, warm temperatures and high solar radiance, provide ideal conditions for high quality, reliable year-round production.

BioGenesis is currently seeking A$500k to support growth over the next 12 months. This represents a limited opportunity to purchase shares in a business that is on its way to becoming a major player in algae products globally.




To make an enquiry or to obtain the Information Memorandum, please contact Daniel Coombes via email: or mobile: 0414 137 212


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