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Jetpack Aviation, a company with operations based in Los Angeles CA, has created the world’s first true Jetpack – the JB-9. This compact Jetpack is powered by twin TurboJet engines. It is a true breakthrough in global aviation.

It is capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), is extremely small and can easily be carried around by the pilot. It is very powerful, capable of rapidly lifting a 100kg (220lb) pilot thousands of feet into the air, at speeds of over 110km/h (68mph). It is fueled by kerosene and can remain airborne for up to 5 mins, allowing the pilot to travel a distance of approx. 15kms.



Launched in Nov 2015, the JB-9 is the result of more than 40 years of R&D, millions of dollars of funding, plus significant recent advancements in jet turbine technology.

The founders of JPA are two of the most experienced Jetpack entrepreneurs in the world. Nelson Tyler and David Mayman are two of only 14 people to ever fly a Rocketbelt, a hydrogen-peroxide powered Jetpack that had a flight time of only 30 seconds. Nelson developed the first civilian Rocketbelt and flew it in the 70’s. He then assisted David Mayman to build one which he learned to fly in 2010.

David and Nelson have the combined experience of over 450 jetpack flights between them,more than anyone else in the world.

The Company is currently working on the next version of the Jetpack, called the JB-10. Early testing indicates that it could achieve altitude of 10,000 feet and endurance of over 10 minutes. Significant safety features are also being developed including an emergency parachute, engine redundancy and an airbag.



  • Jetpack Aviation has developed the world’s first jet-turbine powered Jetpack, the JB-9
  • It is the result of over 40 years of testing and development by two of the world’s leading Jetpack and Rocketbelt experts
  • The JB-9 is world class, cutting edge technology at the forefront of a new sector in the global aviation industry
  • Small enough to be carried by the Pilot or fit into a car boot, meaning it can be easily transported and deployed
  • Twin Jet turbines powered by kerosene, which is inexpensive and readily available. It is the fuel used by most commercial aircraft.
  • Highly controllable and capable of vertical take-off and landing
  • Able to travel at up to 110km/h (68mph) and expected to reach altitudes in excess of 6,500ft (2,000 metres)
  • Current flight time of up to 10min. Future versions in development may be capable of 15min +
  • Design and manufacturing expertise and workshop facilities are all long established
  • The Jetpack Aviation team has a long track record of working with America’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in developing and certifying new parts and systems for the aerospace industry.
  • Significant commercial applications and opportunities include recreational use, government agencies, military use and display teams
  • Significant global media, commercial and military interest received after just one display flight over Statue of Liberty (NY)
  • First time shares in Jetpack Aviation have been offered to investors
  • Exit via trade sale or IPO


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