Marketboomer is a world-class SaaS procurement, payment, invoice discounting, and data analytics platform that is relied on by 12,000+ suppliers, 250 hotel and hospitality buyers across Asia Pacific. In FY16 Marketboomer processed over $800m in transaction value, generating strong recurring revenue from its growing blue chip customer base.

Customers include:




Marketboomer manages the procure-to-pay cycle and all document communication between buyers and suppliers, with integration points to enable automated document handling.

Hotel groups can now manage the Procurement and spend of multiple hotels, and their group suppliers in one place with ease.

The customer value proposition for Marketboomer is compelling.

  • Through its “Fast Invoicing” technology, Marketboomer has massively reduced the cost of processing supplier invoices from $30 per invoice, down to $1 per invoice.
  • Utilising the cutting edge Marketboomer software suite, a typical 200 room hotel will save in the order of $450,000 p.a. achieving a return on its investment in Marketboomer within 45 days.

Marketboomer’s buyer and supplier churn rates are extremely low due to the value proposition, high customer satisfaction and stickiness of the product.



Attractive recurring revenue model: Marketboomer’s revenue model involves recurrent buyer and supplier subscription fees, with the release of Marketboomer’s “Fast Procurement Network”, introducing additional transaction-based revenue from suppliers agreeing to offer a small discount for 1-week payment terms.

The timing is right: Marketboomer is at the forefront of a huge trend in eProcurement and procure-to-pay, with the digitisation of the invoicing process opening up attractive opportunities to offer invoice discounting and to provide subscription access to data that gives subscribing suppliers a significant advantage over their competitors.

Enormous total addressable market (TAM): While Marketboomer’s existing target markets (hospitality, health, aged care, and military) spend US $1.4 trillion p.a. on procurement, the emergence of invoice discounting expands Marketboomer’s TAM to include the US $2.7 trillion receivables factoring industry, which has been growing at 15% p.a. in recent years.

Quality team: Marketboomer has a current team of 47 passionate procure-to-pay experts, headquartered in Sydney with offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Bangkok.

Strong exit potential and valuation: Fintech companies that offer procure-to-pay or invoice discounting capabilities have seen significant interest from trade acquirers in recent years at prices that reflect revenue multiples of more than 20x in some cases. There are a large number of identified trade buyers for Marketboomer to facilitate a competitive auction process at an appropriate point in the future.



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