Martin Aircraft Company Limited – media archives

Since partnering with Axstra Capital in February 2014, Martin Aircraft Company Limited has received ample media attention following its pre-IPO and IPO capital raisings.

Globally, media agencies have followed the journey of the Martin Jetpack, from its prototype conception stages, to its oversubscription in pre-IPO capital commitments, through to its A$27 million IPO on the ASX.


2015 – IPO and post-listing media on Martin Aircraft (ASX:MJP)

The future may have arrived for those people brave enough to try it, with jetpacks now available as a mode of transport (Channel 9 Today Show, 28th February 2015)

New Zealand jetpack maker owned by SZ company listed (Shenzhen Daily, 27th February 2015)

Iron Man jetpacks to make human-flight possible (ECNS, 26th February 2015)

By 2017 we could all be flying our own personal jetpacks (L.A.E.M., 26th February 2015)

Jetpack firm goes public (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 26th February 2015)

Hong Kong’s Kuangchi becomes major shareholder of jetpack maker (Want China Times, 25th February 2015)

Jetpack maker soars on ASX debut (Business Spectator, 25th February 2015)

Future almost here with personalised Jetpacks to hit market (ABC News, 25th February 2015)

Get Ready for Your Own Personal Jetpack! First Ever Company Hits the Stock Exchange (Movie Pilot, 25th February 2015)

Shares in jetpack company skyrocket on ASX (The Malaysian Insider, 25th February 2015)

Martin Aircraft’s Jetpack Gets Listed on Australia’s Stock Market, Will Deliver in 2016 (AutoEvolution, 24th February 2015)

First ever public jetpack company zooms onto Australian Stock Exchange (Mashable Australia, 24th February 2015)

Jetpack Maker Rockets, Then Comes Down to Earth (The Wall Street Journal, 24th February 2015)

Glenn Martin’s jetpack dream achieves lift-off as Martin Aircraft IPO rises on  debut (The Sydney Morning Herald, 24th February 2015)

Commercial Jetpacks ‘no longer the domain of science fiction’ (One News, 24th February 2015)

Could New Zealand company’s IPO finally bring us jetpacks? (CNN News, 24th February 2015)

Jetpack company soars in Australian stock market debut (Reuters, 24th February 2015)

NZ jetpack maker close to listing liftoff (The New Zealand Herald, 23rd February 2015)

Martin Jetpack maker to list on ASX next Tuesday (The New Zealand Business Review, 19th February 2015)


2014 – pre-IPO funds raised followed by an anticipated Listing on the ASX


NZ jet pack maker floats in Australia (BBC News, December 2014)

Jetpacks may land in Plymouth (The Enterprise, December 2014)

Mass. company aims to commercialize a jetpack for military, first-responder use (Boston Business Journal, November 2014)

Jetpacks Could Be Available To Buy In Two Years Time (International Business Journal, November 2014)

Jetpack maker in US tie-up ahead of float (The Australian, November 2014)

Martin Jetpack fires up the Jetsons generation (The Australian, November 2014)

Innovations from paddock at edge of the world (Otago Daily Times, November 2014)

Would you invest in a Jetpack? (Money Morning, November 2014)

Martin Jetpack priced at $US200,000-plus (The Daily Telegraph, October 2014)

Jetpack maker plans public offering to help turn dream into reality (The Australian, October 2015)

Jetpacks here in as little as two years (Prime 7 News, October 2014)

Jetpack dream closer as Martin Aircraft reveals technology to fly (ABC News, October 2014)

Martin Jetpack brings James Bond to life (Australian Financial Review, October 2014)

Martin Jetpack ready for takeoff (The Sydney Morning Herald, October 2014)

NZ jetpack developer to list on ASX (MSN Money, October 2014)

Jetpacks here in as little as 2 years (SBS News, October 2014)

Stock takes: Ready for take-off in Australia (NZ Herald, October 2014)

No. 8 Re-wired: The Martin Jetpack (NBR, October 2014)

Vendors aim high with a Jetsons-style jetpack (The Australian, September 2014)

Rocket man: New Zealand company launches self-propelled jet packs for use by emergency services (Daily Mail UK, September 2014)

Kiwi personal jetpack company looks to list in Australia after raising $5.9 million (Smart Company, September 2014)

Business Confidential – Jetpack Listing Looms (The Daily Telegraph, September 2014)


(RedBull, September 2014)

Jetpack Manufacturer Martin Aircraft Raises $6.5 Million, could list on ASX this year (Business Insider Australia, September 2014)

Martin Jetpack raises $6.5m in overscribed private placement (NBR, September 2014)

Jetpack IPO firing up (The New Zealand Herald, August 2014)

Martin Jetpack maker tipped for November NZX/ASX listing (NBR, August 2014)

Hon. Steven Joyce visits Martin Aircraft (Martin Jetpack News, July 2014)

For $150K you could be Buzz Lightyear (CNN, March 2014)

It’s a blast for commuters but will the New Zealand Jetpack fly with investors? (ABC News, February 2014)

Martin Aircraft seeks $NZ5m to launch jetpack (BRW, February 2014)

Investors wanted to get jetpacks off the ground (SMH, February 2014)

Jetpack IPO set for lift-off with China backer (The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2014)


Personal Jetpack Going on Sale in 2016 (Bloomberg, November 2014)

Jetpacks not just science fiction (Channel 7 News, October 2014)

Will Jetpacks take off soon? (Wall Street Journal, October 2014)

The Kiwi jetpack set to take-off on the ASX (ABC News – The Business, October 2014)

Meet the Martin Jetpack (Australian Financial Review, October 2014)


NZ Jetpack takes leap onto Australian Stock Exchange (One News, November 2014)

Vincent Heeringa, The publisher of Idealog magazine, talks to RadioLive NZ about the Martin Jetpack (RadioLive NZ, November 2014)

Eagle Business Radio interviews Martin Aircraft CEO Peter Coker (Eagle Waves Radio, September 2014)

Axstra Capital Founder Reuben Buchanan speaks with Rachel Smalley on KPMG Early Edition about a successful pre-IPO capital raise for Martin Aircraft (NewsTalk ZB, September 2014)

Jetpack innovator Glenn Martin speaks with Peter Bell on the future of the Jetpack (6pR Radio, September 2014)

Martin Aircraft CEO Peter Coker speaks with Mike Hosking on the closing its pre-IPO round ahead of schedule and oversubscribed (NewsTalk ZB, September 2014)


2013 - Unveiling the Final Prototype, P12

No Flight of Fancy, the Jetpack Is Coming—From New Zealand (Wall Street Journal, September 2013)

The Future is Now: 9 Unbelievable (Real) Technologies That Exist Today (Huffington Post, September 2013)

Redesigned Martin Jetpack deliveries expected to start in 2014 (Gizmag, September 2013)

New Zealand Approves Jetpacks, Proves Future Is Here After All (Slate, August 2013)

Martin Aircraft Company reveals latest jetpack (Scoop, August 2013)


2012 and earlier – Moving through the research and development of various Martin Jetpack prototypes

Jet-powered human flight is on the horizon (TechRepublic, September 2012)

Finally a jetpack for the mass market (Graphic Speak, June 2012)

Martin Jetpack selling Pre-production Jetpack to Flight Schools and Aero Club (Next Big Future, March 2012)

Aiming High (Business In Focus, August 2011)

Martin Jetpack’s ‘jetski for the skies’ to go on sale in 2012 (The Telegraph UK, June 2011)

New Zealand Jetpack Close to Commercial Reality (NTD TV, May 2011)

Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight – highlights (Martin Jetpack News, May 2011)

Martin Jetpack: Latest Tests (AVWeb, April 2011)

The Martin Jetpack (Gizmag, March 2010)

Your Jetpack Ride Awaits on eBay (WIRED, September 2009)

Continuing the Buzz – Glenn Martin Updates the Jetpack (Aero-TV, September 2009)

$2500 Homemade Jetpack Will Either Get You Laid or Kill You (Gizmodo, August 2009)

Martin Jetpack gets $968,430 for improvements (Scoop, December 2008)

Sky’s the limit for Kiwi jetpack (The New Zealand Herald, September 2008)

Kiwi inventor launches ‘world’s first practical jetpack’ (The Sydney Morning Herald, July 2008)

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