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Axstra Capital was appointed as Lead Manager to the Martin Aircraft (ASX:MJP) IPO listing on the Australian Securities Exchange with a capital raising of $27 million AUD. Normal trading of Shares on the ASX commenced on 24th February 2015.

Axstra also successfully raised $6.5m NZD in their pre-IPO round, which closed with $1.5m NZD in oversubscriptions.


CEO: Peter Coker

Founded: 1998


About Martin Aircraft Company

Martin Aircraft Company has developed the world’s first practical and commercial jetpack. The Jetpack is powered by a V4 200hp engine driving two ducted fans and has been flown to a height of 5,000 feet and can reach speeds of up to 74km/h.

This personal aircraft will be the basis for the first commercial release of a Jetpack in 2014, suitable for a Government and Agency market under the banner of “first responder” to service markets such as the police force, fire service, search & rescue, disaster recovery and border security.

Martin Aircraft Company also plans to launch its own demonstrations business with its Jetpack before releasing the unmanned version, the Jetpack experience and the personal Jetpack.

The Martin Jetpack Features

  • One person vertical take-off and landing vehicle with unending value propositions
  • A practical and commercial Jetpack that opens up a new product category
  • 90% cheaper than the least expensive helicopter and can operate in very restricted spaces
  • Powered by 200hp V4 2 stroke engine that runs on petrol
  • Fly by wire technology – easy to operate
  • Microlite license required to operate, which is easy to attain
  • Safety features include low opening ballistic parachute, limited decent rate, GPS and safety capsule
  • Flight time of 30min at speeds of up to 74km/h
  • Maximum altitude 3,000ft with a range of up to 30kms
  • Other product lines planned including unmanned and heavy lift models 

Uses include:

  • Recreational
  • Search and Rescue
  • Military and Defence
  • Police and Fire Services
  • Commercial and industrial (e.g. mining, energy, farming)

Martin Aircraft Company Investment Highlights

  • NZ based private company with audited accounts (PWC)
  • Highly experienced Board of Directors and CEO
  • 30 years in development and more than $20m invested to date
  • IPO planned for 2014
  • 40 pre-orders in place, representing more than $6m in sales and serious interest representing a further $20m in potential sales
  • Substantial global market interest – more than 100,000 enquiries fielded prior to any marketing taking place
  • Unique product. Nearest competitor has flight time of only 30 seconds

Board & Management

Martin Aircraft Company has a highly experienced and committed board and management team.

  • Board & Management:
    • Jon Mayson – Chairman
    • Jenny Morel – No 8 Ventures
    • Glenn Martin – Founder
    • Steve Bayliss – Air NZ/Foodstuffs Marketing
    • John Diddams – Director of Indoor Skydive Australia (ASX:IDZ)
    • Pete Coker – CEO – Pilot, 27 years military, former GM Lockheed Martin (NZ)

Successful Pre-IPO Capital Raising

Martin Aircraft Company, through Axstra Capital, completed its pre-IPO capital with a total of $6.5m NZD raised, which was $1.5m NZD oversubscribed. Funds raised have been applied to following areas:

  • Ongoing product development and refinement
  • Development of the executive team particularly for the sales and marketing
  • Development of the commercialization and production facility
  • Construction of 5 Jetpacks for sales, demonstration, training, development and display purposes
  • Marketing in preparation for the IPO
  • IPO costs

Media Archives

Click Here to view archived Martin Aircraft media – spanning 2007 to early 2014.


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