Reuben Buchanan appears regularly in the media either as a writer, commentator or in interviews.

Links to these stories can be found below:


Reuben Buchanan in the Martin Aircraft IPO case study (Axstra Youtube Channel)

Martin Aircraft engaged Reuben Buchanan as their Lead Corporate Advisor in February 2014 for its pre-IPO and IPO capital raisings. The Company listed on the ASX on 24th February 2015 raising A$27 million, with Axstra Capital being the sole Lead Advisor to the IPO.

Reuben Buchanan interviewed on Switzer (Sky Business)

Peter Switzer sits down with Reuben Buchanan to discuss investor confidence for private and unlisted companies, and how high net worth’s are seeking exposure in this space.


Reuben Buchanan interviewed by Ky Chow on Sky Business

Reuben Buchanan sits down with Ky Chow, to provide insights from the survey conducted by Wholesale Investor Magazine.


Reuben Buchanan interviewed on Sky Business News about QBiotics capital raising

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