NevHouse brings together new technologies in resource recovery, plastic innovation and modular housing to deliver easily deployable and low-cost homes, school classrooms, medical clinics and other structures made from recycled plastic and other waste products.

NevHouse is a stand out example of what has been termed IMPACT investment!…defined as investments “made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return”.

NevHouse is the brainchild of Australian surf industry icon Nev Hyman. In 1980 Nev founded the board shaping company ‘NEV Future Shapes’, that in 2006 evolved into ‘Firewire’ which recently sold to Kelly Slater, 11-times world surfing champion.

Since then, Nev has been on a mission to address two of the biggest scourges on society today:

  • Plastic pollution in the environment; &
  • The lack of adequate shelter for the underprivileged.

Watch a short intro video below….

The planet is drowning in plastic…..and our recycling system is broken!

It’s no secret that the planet is facing a plastic crisis. An estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic is currently circulating the world’s oceans and another 5 to 12 million tonnes is added each year.

On top of this, plastic production is forecast to increase by 40% over the next 5 years!

Plastic recycling is a hot topic in Australia at the moment and indeed globally…

The general public recently discovered that only a small percentage of plastic waste generated in Australia is actually recycled here, with the rest being shipped to Asia.

However, China and other Asian nations have started banning the import of waste products which has resulted in a worldwide recycling crisis.

Last week the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other leaders agreed to work towards a set date to ban all domestic waste exports, while increasing efforts to turn more recyclable material into energy and use in building materials.

Read an article on this here.


The NevHouse Solution…

NevHouse can simultaneously solve the recycled plastic problem for governments, stop the flow of plastic into the environment and improve the living conditions of hundreds of millions of underprivileged people around the world.

The company has developed a unique “in-country” manufacturing solution which takes recycled plastic and other waste products and transforms it into Composite Recycled Plastic Panels (CRPP) which are used to make architecturally designed off-the-grid homes, schools, and clinics, providing refugee and post-disaster solutions.






These award-winning structures are modular, flat pack and the designs are adaptable for eco resorts, mining camps, and general affordable housing solutions.

NevHouse structures meet category 4-5 cyclone rating, are earthquake, flood and fire resistant, require minimal maintenance, are inherently hygienic, and can be assembled or dismantled within two days.

Each 50m2 structure contains 3-4 tonnes of recycled material that would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated…


Nevhouse wins The Pitch@Palace Global entrepreneurs award

In 2017 Nev House won the most coveted prize pursued by socially driven “for profit” enterprises all over the world. Learn more about this amazing achievement here.

Now after 5 years of feasibility testing, research and development, and proof of concept; NevHouse is ready to fully commercialise its solution.

NevHouse has a strong sales pipeline of customers including governments, indigenous land councils, NGO’s and private developers.

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