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QBiotics Limited is developing a pipeline of promising drugs in the area of cancer and wound healing. Its lead drug, EBC-46, targets solid tumours and is currently in late pre-clinical development in preparation for a Human Clinical Phase I/II trial with the USA’s FDA. EBC-46 is also in late stage development for the veterinary market through the USA’s FDA-CVM.


EBC-46, discovered in the tropical rainforests of Nth QLD, has proven to be strongly effective against a range of spontaneous solid tumours in over 300 case studies involving dog, cats, horses, rats and several other species. Treatment results in rapid disintegration of the tumour with no significant adverse side effects at efficacious doses.  The drug has potential for treatment of multiple solid tumour indications in both humans and animals.

The success of EBC-46 has attracted significant media attention and has featured on Sunday Night (Ch7), Sunrise, A Current Affair, BRW, Financial Review, The Australian, Sky Business and more.


QBiotics is also developing WH1, a very promising treatment for chronic wounds.  WH1 has successfully stimulated wound healing in both controlled in vitro studies as well as in ‘real world’ case studies treating dogs in the veterinary environment.  The product successfully stimulated wound healing with good cosmetic outcomes in chronic and hard to heal wounds in dogs whose wounds were not responding to standard of care treatments.  WH1 is currently in mid preclinical development as a human product and early clinical development as a veterinary product.


  • QBiotics products are addressing unmet medical needs so marketed product demand is potentially high
  • QBiotics products are unique in that they are easy to use, often do not require sedation of the patient, elicit tumour destruction (EBC-46) and wound healing (WH1) rapidly and have no significant adverse side effects.
  • Products are being developed simultaneously for both the human and veterinary markets taking advantage of double ROI for early stage development.
  • QBiotics has clear commercialisation pathways  – licence at Clinical Phase II for human products and partner for marketing following registration of veterinary products.
  • IP rights are unencumbered for both EBC-46 and WH1.  The EBC-46 patent has either been granted or is pending in all major marketing regions including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, India, China, Japan and Europe and the WH1 patent is at provisional stage so patent life is extensive.
  • Commercial production of both products is estimated to be within good profit margins.
  • QBiotics development team are highly qualified and experienced with proven track records in the biotechnology industry.
  • Global markets for cancer products are significant – multi-billion dollar p.a. for human; approximately $900m p.a. for vet.
  • Chronic wound care market in the USA alone is US$14 billion p.a. with a CAGR of 25%.
  • Large pharmaceutical companies are keen to acquire new and interesting products for both human and veterinary application in both QBiotics target areas.


To learn more Contact Us or phone our office on 02 8234 4409 and ask to speak with Reuben Buchanan.


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