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Surf Lakes Limited has invented a revolutionary, proprietary method of produce high quality surfing waves in a controlled lake environment. The Surf Lakes 5 Waves technology is capable of producing a variety of waves that closely mimic natural ocean waves.

Surf Lakes’ 5 Waves technology will allow for the development of multi-directional surf park, where waves appealing to five different skill levels (beginner to professional) are created simultaneously. This allows for surfers of all abilities to surf at once. Surf Lakes technology allows for beginners to be riding one break while a pro competition is being conducted at another. Other technologies are limited in this capacity. For Surf Lakes operators, it means maximum options and flexibility for usage. Operators can divide surfers into several groups based on their skill level. A surfer’s skill level will determine which breaks he or she is allowed to surf on at a 5 Waves facility. Due to many limiting factors, less than 1% of the world’s population has ever surfed. By creating perfect waves, on demand 24/7 and delivering them to the masses globally, Surf Lakes has an exciting future. And with surfing admitted to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the potential for Surf Lakes globally is significant


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To learn more email or phone our office on 02 8234 4409 and request an Information Memorandum. 





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