Swirlit is a tea-based drink that provides instant fresh breath, a clean mouth feel and is good for gut health.logo

The consumer shift away from sugary and acidic drinks, coupled with the sugar tax debate and an increasing awareness of the links between oral and general health provides a valuable opportunity for Swirlit to be at the forefront of the healthy functional drinks market.

Swirlit is revenue positive and is currently raising $500k to accelerate national distribution and international export.

Swirlit Benefits

  • Uniquely formulated by a dentist with intimate knowledge and clinical awareness of dental hygiene problems facing society
  • Simply swirl & swallow for instant fresh breath – even removes onion, garlic, coffee, smoking and other breath smells.
  • Available in 4 amazing flavours – all natural ingredients
  • Neutralises dental decay causing bacteria & provides a clean mouth feel
  • Unique manufacturing process allows for a product that is sugar free, pH neutral and contains no artificial ingredients.
  • All ingredients backed by science


Investment Highlights

  • Major distributors have commenced nationwide rollout with over 1,000 locations in the pipeline.
  • Diverse range of market verticals due to unique oral hygiene benefits (hospitals, airlines, hotels, pharmacy, events, corporate, gyms, schools)
  • Export to South Korea commencing Q2, 2019
  • Jim Tonkin is on the advisory board. With 43 years in the beverage and food industries, creating success after success, Jim has been heralded as the beverage expert or “guru” in the functional and nutraceutical beverage segments. He is keen to take Swirlit to the US.
  • Swirlit is already on the radar of global beverage conglomerates – high value exit potential


To request a copy of the IM, contact daniel@axstra.com.au

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