There is billions on investment capital available for public and private companies and we have connections to all of these sources:

  • Sophisticated Investors
  • Professional & Institutional Investors
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
  • Traditional & Specialist Lenders

Further to this, we have access to our own funds which could form part or all of the funding solution.


We can also assist with private companies seeking to achieve a strategic exit. This is a process that involves preparing the business for sale, targeting the right buyer and executing a transaction on terms that are favourable to the vendor.

Whether raising capital or listing, the exit is the most important aspect, which is why we choose to specialise in it. As part of the exit process, we spend a considerable time establishing the value of the business and how to maximise it.


A capital raising or exit strategy that is preferred by many businesses is a stock exchange listing. The most important aspect of achieving a successful listing is the preparation which can take up to 18 months. There are many things that can go wrong resulting in cost and time overruns. Most of this can be avoided with the right people on your side.

What we do at Axstra is assist the company with the preparation and management of an IPO to ensure that it is achieved in a timely manner, costs are contained, the right professionals are used and the desired outcome is reached.

We are not a stockbroker, but we have relationships with many of the leading firms that we can introduce once the transaction is IPO-ready.


We can also assist with sourcing and negotiating these transactions on behalf of clients. These strategies can work well in the lead up to an IPO or Exit rather than in isolation.

Generally these types of transactions form part of an integrated approach rather than as one off transactions on a fee-for-service basis.


Our existing clients span an array of industries – ranging from financial services to biotechnology, property and aircraft development.

Axstra Capital has been assigned to raise a combined amount of over $100m in capital. CLICK HERE to view a list of our current transactions.


Axstra Capital and its advisors have a track record of success with a range of transactions across various sectors. CLICK HERE to view a list of past transactions undertaken by Axstra Capital advisors.


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